Surplus Property

Surplus Property

Welcome to the Oakland County Surplus Property Website

Surplus real estate is available for purchase from the Oakland County
Treasurer's Office. Most of the properties are unimproved (vacant) lots. Some are
improved with residential structures that will need repairs before a certificate of
occupancy will be issued by the city, township or village.
After reviewing the available properties, please contact the city, township or village for current
tax and special assessment information you may have to pay as the new owner. Be
sure to ask if the property is condemned or scheduled for demolition.

Each property requires a minimum offer. All sales are final.

We will not accept offers from anyone with a previous interest or ownership in the
property. You also may not make an offer on property on behalf of someone who had a previous
interest or ownership in the property. Finally, each applicant must declare there are no
delinquent taxes on any property they own in Oakland County.

The successful applicant accepts the property in its present "as is"​ condition and releases
the Oakland County Treasurer's Office, its officers, employees and agents from all
liability arising from any condition of the premises, whether now known or subsequently
discovered, including, but not limited to all claims based on environmental
contamination of the premises.

Please note that additional properties have been added to the surplus list. For any newly added structures (those with ** next to the address), applications will be reviewed during the month of January. If there are multiple bids, a request for highest and best bids will be requested on all complete and eligible applications.

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