Diverse Group of Business PeopleBringing the Office of the Oakland County Treasurer out of the shadows and into the 21st Century requires a careful strategic planning process, which is being led by Treasurer Meisner.  This strategic planning process involves a complete top-down and bottom-up analysis of every staff person and function within the office, and the setting of many goals and objectives.  Most importantly, Treasurer Meisner is a strong believer in Performance Measures of Effectiveness (PME), which allows the office to benchmark and measure its progress and success.

  • To make certain all taxes owed are paid by the taxpayer such that those taxpayers who have paid their share aren't saddled with others' delinquencies.

  • Work with public and private sector partners to protect falling property values and prevent further erosion from residential and commercial mortgage and tax foreclosures.

  • Make every possible effort to ensure that no homeowner-occupied property or functioning business is lost to property tax foreclosure, provided that the taxpayers agree to, and participate in, a good-faith payment plan.

  • Ensure the continued safety and appropriate liquidity of all public funds, while generating optimal yield.

  • Harness the power of technology in a cost-effective manner to the benefit of taxpayers throughout Oakland County.

  • Addressing and resolving large decreases in property values and property tax revenues, stemming from the foreclosure crisis and the County's response to foreclosed, abandoned and tax-reverted properties.

  • Administering the Office of the Treasurer efficiently and effectively in the face of budget cuts and an unresolved structural deficit.

  • Prudent investment of public funds in a historically turbulent financial environment.