Step Forward Michigan Program
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Step Forward Michigan Program


The on-going program is called Hardest Hit/Step Forward Michigan, Loan Rescue Program,, and starting January 15, 2013 it will help some homeowners pay off their delinquent taxes.

You may be eligible if the following criteria apply to you:
  • Owner Occupied Only - You must currently live in a home you own as your primary residence.  If you do not live in the home, you do not qualify.
  • Delinquent Taxes - You must owe delinquent taxes, interest, or fees.
  • Hardship - You must have a hardship, including unemployment, reduced income, serious illness, divorce, or other challenge.
  • Cash Reserves - You can'​t have more than 6 months of cash reserves.
  • No Other Support - If your family has already received assistance from the Hardest Hit/Step Forward Michigan program, you are not eligible for this program.

Our office is working with certified housing counselors from Oakland County Community and Home Improvement, Lighthouse, OLSHA, JVS, Community Housing Network, GreenPath, University of Detroit-Mercy Legal Aid Clinic, and others to assist you with the application process.

You can apply directly for the Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program by visiting or calling 866-946-7432, but I recommend you contact Deputy Treasurer Ross Gavin in our office at 248-858-0624 for a housing counseling referral to get assistance with the application process.​

Need help with the
Step Forward Application? 

Click here for a quick "how to guide" ​to help you apply for the
Step Forward Michigan Loan Rescue Program