Tax Foreclosure Prevention

2021 Tax Foreclosure Policy:
Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner has instituted a policy that no Oakland County homeowner will lose their property due to COVID-19-related circumstances. Property not affected or property that poses a threat to public health, safety and welfare will continue to be subject to foreclosure.

Taxpayers with delinquent taxes should do what they can to make payments, but should make the health and safety of themselves and their families the first priority.

5 Ways to Prevent Property Tax Foreclosure:

  1. If a property is your principle residence or home, make certain that you claim the "Property Tax Credit" on your income tax. The exemption lowers your property tax bill. Click here for a detailed explanation: Principal Residence Exemption.pdf and click here to print out the form to apply: PRE Affadavit.pdf
  2. If you did not file an income tax return, you may be eligible for a Homestead Property Tax Credit from the State of Michigan.
  3. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may claim a 2021 Hardship Exemption Guidelines.pdf
  4. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may also claim a hardship extension, granting you more time to pay your back taxes without losing your property.
  5. Contact the Office of Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner or your local treasurer immediately if you are having trouble paying your property taxes.
Make it automatic! It is easy to set up automatic payments directly from your bank account. Click here to print out the authorization form: ACH form.pdf

Did you receive a green notice posted on your property? Click here for additional information. 
Click on this document for Notification removal.pdf