Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention

The national foreclosure crisis hit Oakland County and the metropolitan Detroit region hard. While there are many opinions about what caused the crisis, everyone agrees that we must do everything we can to fight back and recover.

Fighting back means preventing foreclosures by bringing banks and mortgage servicing companies to the table to work out agreements with homeowners, especially those victimized by subprime or predatory lending.

Fighting back means helping homeowners refinance into stable and affordable mortgages that are within their means, including through Michigan's "Save the Dream Act." Fighting back means working with taxpayers to address and prevent tax foreclosure, where the Treasurer is required to auction properties with delinquencies more than 3 years old.

More than anything, fighting back means working across public, private and non-profit sectors to equip homeowners with the tools they need to overcome their financial challenges, keep their homes and enjoy Oakland County's world-renowned quality of life.

The Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative

The Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative represents a collaboration between the Office of Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner, the United Way, and Lighthouse of Oakland County, in partnership with Wayne County and other public and non-profit organizations.

The services we provide through our website are free of charge.

We cannot guarantee your success in preventing your foreclosure, be we've got a tool available on this website that will put you in a position to succeed. Our website will prompt you to fill in information about your mortgage and financial information. Our website will help you organize and analyze that information to develop an action plan for fighting your foreclosure.

This information is confidential and will only be shared with your lender if you agree. We advocate for you in a simple and direct manner:

  • A financial and foreclosure status assessment is completed on our website.
  • A housing counselor will make recommendations regarding a homeowner's options.
  • The Lender is contacted to negotiate a settlement.
  • A settlement agreement is reached with the lender.‚Äč
To begin this process, contact Ross Gavin by email, or by phone at 248-858-0627.