By the Numbers

​​Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner has been working hard to maintain the high standard taxpayers have come to expect from Oakland County government.  The following are some facts and figures from the past 11 years:

  • Treasurer Meisner has cut $3,043,586 in spending from the Treasurer's Office budget and other County funds, including eliminating the expense of a county car, gas, and cell phone Treasurer Meisner refused when he took office.
  • In his role as Chief Investment Officer for Oakland County, Treasurer Meisner has earned taxpayers $167,606,143 in earnings on investments, as well as another $51,911,602 for participants in our Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP).
  • By working with his colleagues at the County, Treasurer Meisner helped with the refunding of Oakland County bonds that is saving taxpayers $10,776,246.
  • In his effort to help protect property values and fight the effects of foreclosure, Treasurer Meisner secured a $13,900,000 federal grant for Oakland County to stabilize neighborhoods by demolishing dangerous, abandoned properties, building new, energy-efficient housing, and redeveloping historic downtown Pontiac.  This grant created 337 local jobs and employed 39 small businesses.
  • Treasurer Meisner encouraged investments by banks through the Community Reinvestment Act which resulting in $15 million in commitments.
  • Partnered with the Accounting Aid Society to get over $1,000,000 refunded to Oakland County families through tax returns.
  • Four innovative Achievement Awards from National Association of Counties (NaCo): Realtor to the Rescue (2017), Growing Pontiac (2018), Community Taxpayer Assistance Meetings (2019) and Returning Citizens Entrepreneur Training Center (2020).
  • Oakland County property values have increased a total of 12% during this time in office even with the Great Recession.
  • Since December 2012, Treasurer Meisner's innovative approach to property tax foreclosure prevention has resulted in over 19,000 one-on-one taxpayer meetings, 30,000 monthly payment plans that allow families to stay in their homes, along with assisting over 1,100 Step Forward Michigan applicants, bringing in $103,409,578 in revenues for Oakland County and all of the cities, villages, and townships within the County.
Each of these items combined amount to $​366,647,155 to benefit for Oakland County and it's taxpayers.