Treasurer Meisner

Throughout his career, Andy Meisner has served the families of Oakland County at the federal, state, and local levels, presently as Oakland County Treasurer, a position he has held since 2009. As Treasurer, Andy focuses on preserving property values, preventing mortgage and tax foreclosures, and prudent stewardship and investment of Oakland County taxpayer dollars.

Prior to his service as Treasurer, Andy served three terms as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. As a State Representative, Andy became known as for his work on legislation bringing the motion picture industry to Michigan, advancing stem cell research, and reforming the public mental health system. He Chaired the House Commerce Committee and shepherded the indoor smoking ban through the legislature, among other things. Andy also served in Washington, D.C. both as a Congressional Aide and vice-president of a national non-profit promoting community-based substance abuse prevention.

Andy earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan. Andy has earned the professional credential of Certified Public Finance Administrator (CPFA) through The Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada. He sits on the boards of several area non-profits including Oakland County Habitat for Humanity and Orchards Children’s Services.

Andy and his wife Sara live in Huntington Woods with their two sons.


Bringing the Office of the Oakland County Treasurer out of the shadows and into the 21st Century requires a careful strategic planning process, which is being led by Treasurer Meisner.  This strategic planning process involves a complete top-down and bottom-up analysis of every staff person and function within the office, and the setting of many goals and objectives.  Most importantly, Treasurer Meisner is a strong believer in Performance Measures of Effectiveness (PME), which allows the office to benchmark and measure its progress and success.

  • To make certain all taxes owed are paid by the taxpayer such that those taxpayers who have paid their share aren't saddled with others' delinquencies.
  • Work with public and private sector partners to protect falling property values and prevent further erosion from residential and commercial mortgage and tax foreclosures.
  • Make every possible effort to ensure that no homeowner-occupied property or functioning business is lost to property tax foreclosure, provided that the taxpayers agree to, and participate in, a good-faith payment plan.
  • Ensure the continued safety and appropriate liquidity of all public funds, while generating optimal yield.
  • Harness the power of technology in a cost-effective manner to the benefit of taxpayers throughout Oakland County.
  • Addressing and resolving large decreases in property values and property tax revenues, stemming from the foreclosure crisis and the County's response to foreclosed, abandoned and tax-reverted properties.
  • Administering the Office of the Treasurer efficiently and effectively in the face of budget cuts and an unresolved structural deficit.
  • Prudent investment of public funds in a historically turbulent financial environment.