About the Treasurer's Office

The County Treasurer is an office created by the Michigan Constitution to serve as banker of a county. The functions of the Office of the Treasurer are authorized and governed by the Michigan Constitution, Michigan statutes, administrative regulations and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

As the banker for the county, the Oakland County Treasurer is the custodian of all county funds and collector and distributor of all revenues. As revenues come into the Treasurer's Office from many different local, state and federal sources, the Treasurer disburses those dollars in a timely fashion to ensure the efficient administration of county government. These disbursements include paychecks for county employees, funding for road projects and other county functions.

Under state law, the County Treasurer is authorized to invest excess revenues on a short-term basis. The Oakland County Treasurer employs a conservative investment strategy focusing first on safety and capital preservation, then liquidity considerations and, finally, yield. Using these prudent investment practices, Oakland County's investment portfolio consistently and significantly outperforms the short-term U.S. Treasury T-Bill.

The Oakland County Treasurer also acts as a service provider for other county departments, as well as local cities, villages and townships in the areas of investment of public funds, collection of personal property taxes and other collaborative strategies.

When Oakland County experienced a mortgage foreclosure crisis affecting residential and commercial real estate and dramatic increases in the number of tax foreclosed properties, the Oakland County Treasurer worked to protect property values and prevent the harmful effects of foreclosure. The Office of the Treasurer also is committed to serving as a key resource for Oakland County residents experiencing problems with foreclosure, job loss or financial literacy issues.

Most importantly, the Oakland County Treasurer's Office is committed to serving taxpayers with respect, dignity and a renewed commitment to customer service and innovative problem-solving.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Your Oakland County Treasurer's Office will serve taxpayers, governmental, and private sector partners with respect, professionalism, and a renewed commitment to customer service and innovative problem-solving.

Vision: Oakland County taxpayers understand and easily access the services and resources of the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer's Office adapts to new challenges facing taxpayers, including foreclosure, neighborhood stabilization and financial literacy.