Oakland County, Michigan/Subscribe/Digital Subscriptions Help

Digital Subscriptions Help

When you sign-up for e-mail and text message subscriptions, you will:

  1. Navigate your computer or iPhone to http://www.oakgov.com/subscribe 

  2. Type in your e-mail address OR mobile phone provider and number. You must sign up individually for e-mail AND text if you wish to subscribe to items available for each.

  3. Once you enter an e-mail address and click "go", you will see a page where you need to enter your e-mail address again (to confirm it's correct). The same is true when you are subscribing for wireless alerts.

  4. You may always go back into your preferences at any time ("Manage Your Subscriptions" on the Subscribe home page) to add a mobile number and carrier, change or add e-mail addresses, modify or delete subscriptions, or change delivery preferences after you've signed up.
  5. You may set other delivery preferences (i.e., how often you receive messages from us) on the page if you choose, or NOT change anything on the page, scroll down, and click "save"

  6. The next screen displays all the subscription items available from the County

  7. Click the box next to each item you wish to subscribe to (if the item has a small wireless icon  next to it that means that this item is available for wireless text messages.

  8. Once you've selected your items, scroll to the bottom and click "save"

  9. The next screen asks for your zip code, but this is NOT required either (it is used if a message needs to be sent to a specific geographic area, such as water boil notices, election reminders, etc.), and you may click "save" to complete the subscription process (the window will automatically close at this point). You may see additional questions depending on which items you subscribed to -- it is NOT required that you answer these questions; however, the provide information to our departments to further customize the type of information that is sent to you based on how you answer the question(s).

  10. The final screen provides you the opportunity to sign up with our participating city, village and townships e-mail subscription partners. You may scroll down to the bottom if you do not wish to subscribe to these and click to complete the subscription process.