Sample Items List

Sample Items List

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  • Oakland County Airports Information
  • Oakland County International Airport: Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
  • Oakland Southwest Airport: Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
  • Oakland Troy Airport: Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)

Arts & Culture

  • Exhibitions
  • Family Events & Festivals
  • Grant Programs
  • Library Activities
  • Performance (Music, Theater & Dance)
  • Tour Events


  • Purchasing Policies
  • Purchasing: New Bids Wireless Alert Available 

Board of Commissioners 

  • Latest News from the Board of Commissioners

Community & Home Improvement 

  • Community & Home Improvement Events
  • Community & Home Improvement News
  • Information/Publications and Reports Index

County Clerk/Register of Deeds 

  • County Clerk/Register of Deeds News & Events
  • Election Reminders & Updates Wireless Alert Available

County Executive 

  • Office of the County Executive News & Updates


  • Circuit Court Forms Index
  • Circuit Court Laches Articles
  • Circuit Court News & Press Releases
  • Probate Court Laches Articles
  • Probate Court News

Friend of the Court

  • Jobs Postings List

Health Division 

  • Beach Closings Wireless Alert Available
  • Flu Information (H1N1 Flu/Swine) Wireless Alert Available
  • Flu Shots
  • Health Division News & Events
  • Health Podcasts
  • Immunizations
  • Pandemic Flu Preparedness
  • Public Health Emergency
  • West Nile Virus

Human Resources Training

  • Human Resources Training (for Cities, Villages & Townships)
  • Human Resources Training Course Information (for Cities, Villages & Townships)

Jobs, Internships & Volunteering 

  • Jobs: Filled Positions
  • Jobs: Open Positions Wireless Alert Available

Land & Tax Info 

  • Property Gateway (formerly Access Oakland)
  • Equalization Guides & Reports

MSU Extension Services, Oakland County

  • MSU Extension Classes
  • MSU Extension Gardening Classes
  • MSU Extension Gardening Hot Topics
  • MSU Extension Health & Wellness Classes
  • MSU Extension Land Use Classes
  • MSU Extension Natural Resources Classes
  • MSU Extension Oakland County Monthly Information
  • MSU Extension Senior Newsletter
  • MSU Extension Youth Development Classes
  • MSU Extension 4-H Newsletter

News, Events & Special Projects

  • CLEMIS News & Events
  • County Auction Wireless Alert Available
  • Lady Justice Restoration Project
  • Oakland County News Wireless Alert Available
  • Web Site Home Page
  • Web Site Statistical Updates
  • Online Services Index
  • Podcasts
  • Publicly Available Interactive Maps
  • Video/Media Gallery
  • Wireless Oakland News & Events

Oakland County Homeland Security

  • Homeland Security News & Updates

Parks & Recreation 

  • Adaptive Recreation Activities
  • Addison Oaks Camping
  • Christmas Tree Recycling
  • Family Reunions at Parks
  • Fishing
  • Geocaching
  • Golf 
  • Groveland Oaks Camping
  • Hunting
  • Jobs at County Parks
  • Kids & Teens Activities at Parks
  • Mobile Recreation
  • Nature Centers
  • Picnics & Parties at Parks
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Trails: OakRoutes
  • Volunteering
  • Waterparks
  • Winter Activities

Pet Adoption Center 

  • Pet Adoption Calendar
  • Pet Adoption News
  • Pet Adoption Volunteer Opportunities

Planning & Development 

  • Film-Related News and Events
  • Economic Development News
  • Main Street Oakland County Information
  • OakGreen News & Updates
  • Planning & Development Classes & Workshops
  • Planning & Development News & Events

Public Safety

  • CLEMIS Public Safety Agency Updates

Services for Local Municipalities 

  • Cross-Boundary Services

Sheriff's Office Substations

  • Addison Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Addison Township General News & Information
  • Brandon Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Brandon Township General News & Information
  • Commerce Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Commerce Township General News & Information
  • Highland Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Highland Township General News & Information
  • Independence Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Independence Township General News & Information
  • Lyon Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Lyon Township General News & Information
  • Oakland Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Oakland Township General News & Information
  • Orion Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Orion Township General News & Information
  • Oxford Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Oxford Township General News & Information
  • Rochester Hills Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Rochester Hills General News & Information
  • Royal Oak Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Royal Oak Township General News & Information
  • Springfield Township Substation Emergency Alerts Wireless Alert Available
  • Springfield Township General News & Information

Sheriff’s Office 

  • Jobs at the Sheriff's Office
  • Most Wanted Wireless Alert Available
  • Safety Tips & Courses
  • Sheriff's Office News & Events

The Brooksie Way Half Marathon & 5k

  • The Brooksie Way Half Marathon & 5K
  • The Brooksie Way Training Newsletter
  • The Brooksie Way Minigrants

Treasurer’s Office:

  • Impending Foreclosure Information Wireless Alert Available
  • Pay Current Property Taxes
  • Pay Delinquent Property Taxes


  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Info

Water Resources Commissioner 

  • Current Water Notifications Wireless Alert Available
  • Lake Improvement Board Meetings
  • Permits
  • Sewage Disposal System Meetings
  • Special Publications/Commentary
  • Standards & Specifications
  • Water Resources Commissioner Newsletter
  • Water Resources Commissioner's Office Press Releases
  • Water Resources Commissioner's Office Projects
  • Water System Flushing Information/Schedule