Community Policing & Neighborhood Watch Initiative
Oakland County, MichiganSheriffCommunity Policing & Neighborhood Watch Initiative

Community Policing & Neighborhood Watch Initiative

​Mission Statement
The Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Pontiac Substation in partnership with the citizens of Pontiac, strives to build a free flowing network of information to achieve the common goal of preventing crime, solving problems, and making Pontiac a safe place to live.

What is Community Policing?
Community Policing is a collaborative effort between a police department and community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and involves all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems.  It is founded on close, mutually beneficial ties between police and community members.  At the center of community policing are three essential and complementary core components:

• Partnerships between the police and the community.
• Problem Solving as a method to identify and solve problems of concern to the community.
• Make changes within the police organization to accommodate increased community involvement.
• Community Policing is a Philosophy for doing police work; Problem Solving is the tactic or strategy used to solve community problems of crime and decay; and Partnerships are the tool or means with which the problem solving takes place.

Community Policing and Neighborhood Watch History
The President's Commission on Criminal Justice in 1967 provided the framework for many of the changes to be found today in the criminal justice system.  The crime rates in America during the 1960's had been gradually climbing which prompted the government to investigate the status of the justice system and find ways to improve the functioning of the justice system.  The Crime Commission's report conclusions stressed improvements in policing and community empowerments as a few of the strategies to reduce the overall crime rate.

Traditional methods of policing rely heavily on deterrence through a visible presence of the police on patrol.  However, many social changes have occurred over the decades and traditional policing methods may not be as effective in addressing the needs of the communities.  Communities have become more diverse and the problems have changed as drugs and violent crimes have become more prevalent in urban communities.  Additionally, the budget deficits of the early 1990's prompted law enforcement administrators to seek out more creative solutions for providing law enforcements servi​ces to the community.

Neighborhood Watch Initiative
What it is:
A program involving the joint efforts of the police or sheriff's department and the community, designed to enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community's power of observation, and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

The Need for the Program
In recent years, neighborhoods have experienced rapid change. The old, well-established neighborhood has been replaced by a highly transient, growing community where people seek more and more privacy. This life-style tends to promote unfamiliarity with neighbors and a corresponding lack of concern. Unfortunately, this enhances the opportunity for the criminal element and increases the community's vulnerability to crime.

This condition dictates the need for a crime prevention program which will enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community's power of observation and encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

Goals of Neighborhood Watch
The main objective of Neighborhood Watch is to reduce the incidence of crime by:

• Increasing citizens' awareness of burglary and other neighborhood crime through a continuing information program. (Literature distribution)
• Training citizens in the means of better property security and assist them in making their property more secure. (Operation Identification and Security Surveys)
• Developing a neighborhood action program where neighbors help watch each other's property and report suspicious persons and activities to law enforcement agencies. (Neighborhood Watch)
• Encouraging all citizens to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in reporting crime.
• Enlisting each home/apartment business in Operation Identification.

Neighborhood Watch Registration
Please fill out the Neighborhood Watch Registration Form to register your association or update your association’s information.  Forward the completed form to Sergeant Dooley (248-409-7108) at 110 E. Pike St., Pontiac, MI  48342 or fax it to 248-409-7101.