Records: How Do I?

Records: How Do I?

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The Records Unit is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please come in no later than a half-hour before we close to allow enough time to assist you. We are closed on most legal holidays.

If you have a question on holiday closings, please contact us at 248-858-5011.

The OCSO Records Unit is located on the East side of the Oakland County Jail in Pontiac, MI

1201 Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI

​How to Obtain an Incident or Accident Report in Person?

  • Please call 248-858-5011 to see if the report is available. If available, reports are usually received by our office 4-5 business days after the incident.

  • If it is available, you may come into our office during business hours listed above to obtain a copy. Bring photo identification and $7 cash per report.
How do I Purchase a Copy of an Accident Report Online?
Fax Requests
  • We are unable to process requests for incident or accident reports by fax. Reports must be obtained in person or by mail.
Traffic Ticket Payments/Other

How to Make a Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request

How to Obtain a Criminal Background Check

  • Visit our office with your driver's license or state I.D. We will check to see if you've ever been arrested by our agency or incarcerated in the jail, and will provide you with a letter stating the results. There is a $5 charge for this service. If you need a more extensive search, please contact the Michigan State Police.
How to Obtain a Proof of Incarceration Letter
  • You must come into the office with government issued photo identification. If you've been incarcerated on more than one occasion, please specify the date(s) you need. There is no charge for this service.
How to Obtain a Permit to Purchase a Firearm
  • To obtain a handgun purchase permit, you must appear in person at the Records Unit of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office in Pontiac.  

  • Please bring valid, government issued photo I.D. with your current address on it when coming in to obtain a permit. If you choose to have the permit notarized at Records, there is a $5 cash notary fee this service.  After obtaining the permit, you will have 30 calendar days to purchase the firearm, and 10 calendar days to submit the MSP(Michigan State Police) copy of the purchase permit to the Sheriff's Office for registration.  This may be done in person or by mail.  It is very important that the information on the purchase permit is accurate and legible.
How to Register an Inherited Firearm
  • If you are the heir to the estate, come to our office with your valid driver's license or state I.D. On your permit to purchase, simply put "heir to the estate of Jane Doe" with your signature beneath in the seller spot. If you are the not the heir, you will need to obtain a Permit to Purchase and have the heir sign as the seller before registering the firearm.
Where to Send Your Gun Registration After a Firearm is Purchased or Inherited
  • If you have a CPL and live within the Oakland County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, OR if you obtained your Purchase Permit from us, you will mail the  Michigan State Police (MSP copy) of the Gun Registration to:
Oakland County Sheriff's Office
1201 N. Telegraph
Pontiac, MI 48341
Attn: Gun Registration

  • The State of Michigan law states that if an individual who lives outside of our jurisdiction purchases a gun from an individual, FFL Dealer, Store or has a CPL (where the Pistol Sales Record form is completed), that form has to be turned in to their local police department.

  • For example, if you live in Birmingham, send your gun registration form to Birmingham Police Department.

 I recently moved within Michigan to another address (within Michigan).  Do I need to change the address on my Gun Registration card?

  •  No. Your Gun Registration is valid​ for as long as you reside in the state. No address update is necessary.
 I just moved to Michigan from another state.  How do I register my firearm(s)?
  •  Follow previous instructions on "How to Obtain a Permit to Purchase a Firearm"

Applying for a Concealed Pistol License

  • After completing the required 8-hour training course, bring your training certificate and the completed application to the Clerk's Office in the Courthouse along with $100 (cash, credit or check) and your Michigan Driver's License or State ID with a correct Oakland County address on it.
  • You will then go to the Records Unit at the Sheriff's Office with your receipt from the Clerk's Office, $15 cash and your Michigan Driver's License or State ID to be fingerprinted.  You do not need to fill out the RI-008 fingerprint card.

Renewing a Concealed Pistol License

  • You may renew up to six months prior to your CPL expiration date, or within one year after without taking the eight-hour training.  The applicant will complete the application in full, including the renewal certification that he or she has completed three hours of review of the required training and have had one hour of firing range time in the previous six months.  Bring $115 (cash, credit or check) along with your application, driver's license and CPL to the Clerk's Office for processing.
  • If your CPL has been expired for more than one year, you must reapply as if new, taking an eight-hour training course. Training certificates are valid for five years.

Where can I complete the required training for a Concealed Pistol License?

  •  Check with local gun ranges or gun dealers for recommendations. You may also come into the Records Unit at the Sheriff's Office to obtain a partial list of trainers.

 Where can I obtain information on Michigan firearms laws?

I need to be fingerprinted for a job. Can I do that at the Sheriff's Office?
  • Yes. You will need to come into the Records Unit at the Sheriff's Office with photo identification and $15 (cash only) per print card.  Please note: Some occupations require the prints for various federal or state laws.  In these cases, the fee could be up to $69.
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