U-Turn (Turn Your Life Around) Program
Oakland County, MichiganSheriffU-Turn (Turn Your Life Around) Program

U-Turn (Turn Your Life Around) Program


The U-Turn program is a partnership between Oakland County Youth Assistance and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

The program's intent is to educate youth and their parents about the consequences of crime and the realities of prison life while reinforcing the value of making smart decisions (staying in school, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, making wise choices about peers, employment, parental involvement, etc.) in order to keep youth from having any further contact with the juvenile justice system.

Modeled after the "Scared Straight" program, the U-Turn program gives youth and their parents an opportunity to view the Oakland County jail and facilities, and to have the children experience face-to-face encounters with deputies and selected inmates who talk to the youth about the repercussions of their behavior.

The program is run by Sheriff's Deputies and caseworkers from Youth Assistance to assist Deputies with debriefing sessions following the program.

Youths participating in the U-Turn program must be active in a local Youth Assistance program and meet the following criteria:

  • 13-17 years of age
  • Mandatory participation of a parent or a legal guardian
  • Willing to sign off on a waiver to participate
  • male or female

For further information, please contact your local Youth Assistance office.

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