Special Investigations Unit
Oakland County, MichiganSheriffSpecial Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Unit

Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Investigative and Forensic Services Division

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the Major Crimes and Professional Standards unit of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  SIU is comprised of six detective sergeants with significant experience and expertise in the investigation, supervision, administration and prosecution of complex criminal cases at both the state and federal levels. 

SIU provides investigative support to all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office as well as to a wide variety of other law enforcement agencies, including local, state and federal agencies as well as the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.  SIU provides investigative assistance on major crimes; including homicides, sexual assaults, robbery, serial crimes of violence and financial crimes. 

The Special Investigations Unit is a highly trained, multi-functional, county-wide investigative unit that:

  • provides inter-county agency assists
  • investigates county complex crimes and complaints
  • responds to outside agency requests for assistance
  • conducts departmental internal investigations
  • responds to all major crime investigations including rapes, homicides and armed robberies

The unit is also responsible for investigating jail disturbances, escapes and criminal complaints arising in corrections. The Special Investigations Unit (S.I.U.) provides investigative support to all divisions of the OCSO, the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, as well as to all 42 Oakland County police departments, and county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.