Computer Crimes Unit
Oakland County, MichiganSheriffComputer Crimes Unit

Computer Crimes Unit

​Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Investigative and Forensic Services Division

The Computer Crimes Unit has a flood of cases that demand attention because computer crimes are one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation.

During 2013, the Computer Crimes Unit conducted 267 computer forensic examinations.  It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete one exam because the hard drives in computers have dramatically increased in size in recent years.  The Computer Crimes Unit also conducts internet child safety presentations to community groups around the county.

Since its inception, the Computer Crimes Unit has an exemplary conviction rate. The Unit is recognized for their expertise by police departments, as well as state and federal agencies.

See also: Oakland County Sheriff's Office Child Internet Safety Program 

Detective Sergeant Darren Ofiara
Office Phone: (248) 858-4942 
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