Auto Theft Unit

Auto Theft Unit

Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Investigative and Forensic Services

The Oakland County Sheriff's Auto Theft Unit is a multi-jurisdictional task force with the Sheriff's Office acting as the project director, and specializes in investigating all auto theft related crimes.  Since the Unit began its work in 1986, the auto theft rate has dropped 79%.  Between 2009 and 2010, Oakland County's auto theft rate dropped 18%, which has resulted in an estimated average of $51 annual savings on personal auto insurance rates. 

Subsequently, this unit was recognized by the Auto Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) as one of the best in the State of Michigan. Funding for this Unit is also provided, in part, by the ATPA.  Auto Theft responds to any law enforcement agency in need of expert assistance in automobile theft.

In 2013, the Auto Theft Unit recovered 236 stolen vehicles with a value of $2,317,449. 

HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) is Michigan's statewide auto theft prevention program that coordinates citizen action with law enforcement agencies through a confidential toll-free tip line for reporting information on stolen vehicles, chop shops, and suspected auto theft activities including insurance fraud, identity theft and carjackings.  Call 1-800-242-HEAT 24 hours a day to report auto theft!