Patrol Services

Patrol Services

Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Law Enforcement Services Division

Commander: Captain Dale R. Miller

Patrol Services contracts with 10 townships, 3 cities, and 2 villages to provide around the clock police protection. That is a total of 275,000 citizens who benefit from the full service police protection of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

The contract concept allows municipalities to customize police services to best suit the needs of individual communities. The most recent contract addition to the Sheriff's Office is the City of the Village of Clarkston.


Contracted services include:
  • uniform patrol
  • traffic enforcement
  • weigh master
  • patrol investigator
  • school liaison officer
  • various levels of command

Patrol Services available Countywide include:

The Patrol Services Division has many invaluable assets, including the Sheriff's Mobile Command Center. The vehicle is 37 feet long and eight feet wide, built on a truck frame with a ninety-gallon diesel engine and a 20-kilowatt Kohler generator.

It is equipped with an observation platform, numerous electronic devices including a six line cell phone system and three satellite phones, four computers, two printers, fax machine, weather station, electronic street mapping system, high powered video camera, TVs and VCRs and an antenna for broadcast.

The Mobile Command Center radio system allows County police departments to stay in communication whenever necessary. The vehicle can be used as an emergency station during a natural disaster, when dealing with a barricaded gunman or simply as a central area of communication and oversight at a major community event such as the Woodward Dream Cruise.

The vehicle was purchased with drug forfeiture dollars at $300,000, once again, at virtually no cost to the taxpayers.