Berry Zeeman
Captain, Corrections Division, Main Jail

Captain Berry Zeeman is currently the Commander of the Corrective Services Division, Main Jail.  (See Corrective Services )  Captain Zeeman is responsible for the Main Jail and Annex buildings, which house over 1,000 inmates and employ over 280 corrections staff.

Captain Zeeman joined the Sheriff's Office in 1974, hiring in as a Corrections Officer.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 1988, Lieutenant in 1993 and Captain in 2007.  He has substantial experience in each of the five divisions of the Sheriff's Office.  His command responsibilities have included areas within Patrol Services (Administrative Lieutenant, Substations and Marine Unit), Corrections (Main Jail and Annex), Satellite Services (Court Services and Auburn Hills Facility), Emergency Preparedness, Training and Communications Division (Communications and Training units), as well as the Forensic Lab and Records.  He has been involved in the development and implementation of several new projects, serving on committees such as the Planning and Transition Team for the organization and opening of the new Jail Annex, the new Court Security and Entrance Screening System and the planning committee for Homeland Security.

Phone: 248-858-5417