Oakland County, Michigan/Sheriff/Law Enforcement/Technology, Information and Innovation Division

Technology, Information and Innovation Division

TII Picture.jfifCommanding Officer:  Captain Steven Schneider

The Sheriff's Office Technology, Information and Innovation Division (TII) is comprised of a Captain, a Technical Support Specialist, a User Support Specialist, an IT Support Deputy, two Technical Office Specialists (a Privacy Officer and a MICR Compliance Officer) and the entire Records Unit staff. The TII is responsible for procuring, maintaining and managing desktop/laptop/patrol car computers, radios, cellphones, tablets, fingerprint/mugshot equipment and inmate communication devices. Proper use of these devices requires that all access be closely monitored to ensure privacy, security and safety for law enforcement personnel and Oakland County citizens and business owners. 

Ongoing communication and collaboration between the TII and the entire Oakland County Information Technology (IT) Department is extremely important for the smooth and safe operation of all devices. The top priority of the TII is the secure transmission of crucial law enforcement information through several diverse applications and programs.

The Captain of the TII Division is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) serving as a bridge between the Sheriff's Office and Oakland County IT, ensuring that the services IT provides align efficiently with the needs of the Sheriff's Office. By combining extensive law enforcement experience and IT expertise, the Captain and his team are responsible for the strategic implementation of new technology solutions that improve business efficiency while meeting Sheriff's Office standards and policy requirements. The Captain understands business strategy and can identify technologies that will enhance the goals and objectives of the OCSO.

Determining whether the OCSO will implement any new technology program or equipment is a lengthy and complex process. The TII Captain is directly involved in this process from beginning to end—attending product demonstrations; developing a strong working knowledge of the products being considered; meeting with vendors; formulating proposals (including detailed cost analyses) and presenting them to Command Staff, the Sheriff's Fiscal Officer and the Board of Commissioners. Once a vendor is selected, the Captain maintains close contact with vendor representatives, contracted installers and OCSO Command Staff during the entire installation/implementation process. In addition, the Captain is prepared to answer any questions and address any issues that may arise before, during and after system deployment.

The TII Division Records Unit processes and retains criminal incident reports, traffic accident reports, tickets, firearms purchase permits/sales records, non-public record entries and closed inmate files. Unit staff manage tens of thousands of records yearly, and is responsible for entering, editing, retrieving and forwarding information and statistics from this data. In addition, staff fulfill thousands of 'Freedom of Information Act' (FOIA) requests received via email or postal mail. Citizens are also served in person (by appointment) for sex offender registrations/renewals, firearms registrations and fingerprinting (job/court requirements and Concealed Carry permits).

The TII Division closely monitors the crime statistics reporting process for the Sheriff's Office, including the accurate and timely forwarding of statistics to the Michigan State Police (MSP) Criminal Justice Information Center and the FBI's NIBRS Uniform Crime Reporting Unit. Through various initiatives, the efficiency of the Sheriff's Office crime reporting procedures has steadily improved. Accurate statistics for the Sheriff's Office provide the public with transparency, while evaluating the effectiveness of law enforcement services provided and monitoring the overall severity of crime in Oakland County.