Motorcycle Unit

Oakland County Sheriff Motorcycle The Motorcycle Unit was initiated by Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard in 1999 and has proven to be an asset both in law enforcement and community relations.  Because of its success, the unit was increased from 12 motorcycles in 1999 to its current fleet of 24 Police Harley Davidson Motorcycles, making it one of the largest motorcycle units in the State.

The Unit trains monthly during the riding season and participates in several motorcades for the President and Vice-President, as well as other political dignitaries from the United States and abroad.

The deputies who make up the Motorcycle Unit have all completed a rigorous 80-hour training course to maximize the use of the cycles and to keep the riders safe. Deputies enjoy the flexibility the motorcycles bring to any law enforcement situation and the public enjoys the way the bikes keep the officers accessible and in touch with the public.