Cadet Unit


The Oakland County Sheriff's Office Cadet Unit is comprised of aspiring young adults ranging in age from 16 to 21 years old, operating in a volunteer capacity for community events throughout the county.  An Oakland County Sheriff Cadet is a young adult, who has a particular interest in law enforcement, and wants to be introduced into what the typical career of law enforcement officer is like through a volunteer position. Sheriff Cadets are taught the fundamentals of law enforcement and experience hands-on training.

 Topics of study for our Cadets learn include:

  • Criminal law
  • Corrective services
  • Community policing
  • Subject control tactics
  • Domestic violence response
  • Standard and felony traffic stops
  • Building searches and clearing techniques
  • Drug and weapon recognition and retention
  • Basic handcuffing and searching techniques

Oakland County Sheriff Cadets are responsible for participating in specialized training details, and volunteer at events such as parades, child fingerprinting programs, festivals, football games and any other event deemed necessary by the Sheriff.

The Cadet Unit also offers a Deputy Shadow Program for qualified Cadets within the Unit. This gives Cadets a one-on-one experience with different law enforcement professionals and special units within the Sheriff's Office that may cater toward future interests of the Cadets.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office Cadet Unit provides top-tier learning opportunities and experiences while creating lasting relationships with active law enforcement professionals.


For general questions and recruitment contact Sergeant Kristen Zdankiewicz (

Download the Cadet Application here; send completed applications to:

Commanding Officer:  Sgt. B. Bovee:

Click here for a description of the Cadet position.