Forensic Science Lab

The Oakland County Forensic Science Lab is an internationally ​accredited laboratory​.

The laboratory is committed to providing our clients with quality services. The laboratory understands the importance of timely, courteous, and professional service to meet our clients’ needs. We consistently strive to provide relevant, accurate, and thorough service using scientifically valid procedures under the direction of accreditation, statutory, and regulatory requirements.

 Our mission is to provide our clients--the criminal justice system and individuals in the communities  we serve--the highest quality forensic services. This mission is accomplished through the timely collection and examination of evidence using established methods and procedures resulting in clear and objective interpretations of analytical finding​​​s. Our staff is dedicated to the professionalism, integrity and ethics required to deliver reliable conclusions.

Administrator - Forensic Lab Services : Kent Gardner: 248-858-5019

Check out a tour of our DNA Laboratory and Forensic Science Team below:


The laboratory is composed of the following sections, each section committed to the laboratory’s mission: