Training Unit

Th​e Sheriff's Office Training Unit is responsible for the development, planning, scheduling and maintenance of all in-service and off-site law enforcement-related instruction. Designated to cover the educational needs of the Sheriff's Office, the Trainin​g Unit is responsible for the training of corrections officers, certified officers, and non-certified/civilian personnel.  A strong "in-house" instructional staff, combined with specialized on-site/off-site vendor training and an online learning system, provide members of the Sheriff's Office with the best information available in various topics relevant to effectively upholding the law. 

The Training Unit maintains records and oversees the following departmental functions:

  • The State-Certified Corrections Academy (In-house training for newly-hired deputies)
  • The Field Training Officers program (Both Corrections and Patrol)
  • The Firearms Range--handgun, shotgun, rifle, TASER, baton, pepper spray and Firearms Training System (FATS) instruction
  • The Police Academy (State of Michigan - Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards MCOLES licensing process)
  • All In-Service Training Courses (mandated & non-mandated)
  • All Off-Site Training Courses
  • State & local training fund expenditures
  • Student Intern & ride-along programs
  • Database management of all Sheriff's employees and related statistics
  • Training resource management (equipment, classroom use, video library)
  • Concealed weapons permits and their approval
  • Emergency deployment of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and training for this process

In 2018, a total of 12,994 persons attended training facilitated by the unit, including 8,012 personnel trained by the Gun Range.   Both on-site staff and outside vendors conducted the sessions. Approximately 2100 deputies received MCOLES training. Eight deputies attended Basic Police Training at Oakland Police Academy, sponsored by the Sheriff's Office and supervised by the Training Unit, during the spring and fall sessions.  There were two Corrections Academies held in 2018 to train 42 new Corrections Deputies.  The goal of the Training Unit is to continue offering departmental personnel the highest level of instructional opportunities.

Training Unit: 248-858-4990

Training Unit