Oakland County, Michigan/Sheriff/Law Enforcement/Emergency Communications & Operations Divisions

Oakland County Emergency Communications and Operations Divisions

Operations Center

MelMaier.jpgCommanding Officer: Capt. Jen Miles

The Sheriff's Operations Center supports all divisions of the Sheriff's Office and operates one of the largest law enforcement/medical/fire dispatch 911 centers in Michigan. The Sheriff’s Operations Center staff is comprised of a Chief of Communications, two QA Supervisors (Medical/Fire and Law Enforcement), five Sergeants, five Dispatch Shift Leaders, fifty-eight Dispatch Specialists, two Warrant Clerks and one Office Assistant.

The Sheriff’s Operations Center provides all emergency and non-emergency call-taking and dispatching for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, seven local law enforcement agencies, and eighteen local fire/EMS agencies. Call-taking and dispatching is also provided for Oakland County Animal Control after regular business hours. Every Dispatch Specialist is fully trained and certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Emergency Fire Dispatch (EFD), and Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) and credentialed through the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED-Priority Dispatch).

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Operations Center serves as the "default call center" for the entire County. This means that if the phone company is unsure about which dispatch center to send a call, it is automatically routed to the Oakland County Sheriff's Operations Center. Upon receiving these calls, a staff member determines the location of the emergency and transfers the call to the appropriate law enforcement or fire agency. This process has proven to be a quick, efficient and seamless solution for handling these 911 emergencies.

The Sheriff’s Operation center is equipped to provide assistance to other area 911 centers if a center is unable to operate due to a situation such as phone outages, etc. During those emergencies, the Sheriff’s Office center is designed to accept re-routed 911 calls from those affected areas.

The Operations Center is able to communicate with any law enforcement officer, firefighter, EMT in Oakland County, as well as any other Oakland County dispatch center.  These first responders also have the ability to communicate with each other and coordinate their responses using one of the nation’s most advanced inter-operable radio networks. The Operations Center has two Michigan Public Safety Communications Systems (MPSCS), state radio consoles to provide regional interoperable communications for the metro-Detroit area and southeast Michigan. The Next Generation ready Positron VIPER 9-1-1 System was integrated into the Sheriff’s 9-1-1 center and has improved call routing and handling, and is now providing statistical data identifying trends in peak call volumes to assist in the scheduling of personnel.

In 2015 Sheriff Michael Bouchard brought Text-to-911 services to Oakland County. The Sheriff’s Operations Center receives all Text-to-911 calls for the entire county.  Dispatch Specialists are able to receive text messages that are sent to 911 and communicate back and forth with the sender. In 2015 the Sheriff’s Operations Center handled 1015 texting sessions. HERE is a Free Press article detailing this innovative system. Oakland County citizens should, whenever possible,  make use of 911 via voice call, and only text when absolutely necessary.

In 2019, the Sheriff’s Operations Center managed over 500,000 telephone calls; 911 cellular calls now constitute over 84% of the total calls made to 911. The entire Operations Center remains committed to providing the best service possible.

Fax: 248-452-2102