Report Identity Theft

​Oakland County Sheriff's Office

If you suspect you have been a victim of Credit or Internet Fraud and/or Identity Theft, contact the following to report the incident:

To arm yourself against further incidents, protect your credit and identity by contacting the following:

Identity Theft

Credit Card or Check Fraud

The three major credit tracking companies: Have a "Fraud Alert" placed on your credit record/history. For a more permanent answer to fraud, also place a "Fraud Victim Statement" on your records.

Report the lost or stolen checks to the following check reporting/monitoring organizations:

  • CheckRite 800-766-2748
  • Chexsystems 800-428-9623
  • CrossCheck 707-586-0551
  • Equifax 800-437-5120
  • National Processing Co. 800-526-5380
  • SCAN 800-262-7771
  • TeleCheck 800-710-9898
Remember that your credit and identity can be compromised at any time. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself and avoid years of confusion and chaos that can accompany credit and identity fraud.

 Identity Fraud Initiative