Oakland County Jail

Commanding Officer:  Major Curtis Childs

The Main Oakland County Jail, located at 1201 North T​elegraph, was built in 1973. The jail is a maximum security facility and has general inmate population housing of approximately 440 inmates. The intake area for processing new arrests includes holding tanks and observation cells which accommodate a capacity of 156 inmates.

A 24-hour, seven-days-per-week health clinic is operated at the jail and has seven single cells.  In March, 1989, the Annex (a direct supervision facility) was completed, which is attached to the Main Jail and has the capacity to house an additional 487 inmates.

The Sheriff is bound by statute for th​​​e responsibility of operating the County jail(s) which entails the care and custody of inmates, including but not limited to such activities as:

  • Providing inmate food and medical services
  • Providing jail clothing and receipt of private clothing for​ court
  • Maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Providing support programming such as counseling, crisis intervention, and adult education
  • Maintaining a program of inmate recreation, visitation and chaplaincy services

In addition, the Sheriff's Office operates a Corrective Services Satellite Division consisting of:

The Corrective Services Division admits approximately 25,000 new arrests into the facility per year.

Overcrowding continues to be an issue within the Corrective Services Division.  However, through legislative changes, innovative programs and focus of the Oakland County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office, jail use is at a manageable level. The Sheriff's Office recently implemented an Electronic Monitoring (tether) Work Release Program which has replaced in-jail Work Release status.