Work Release Tether

The Work Release Program is a GPS Tether based Program. ​

Guidelines for Sheriff’s Work Release Tether Program (WRTP)

  • Individuals must be sentenced by the Court to participate in this program.
  • To participate in the program participants need to provide the following items to the Sheriff’s Work Release Tether Staff before being released from the jail onto tether:  
    • Letter of employment on company letterhead containing the Company name, street address (no P.O. Boxes allowed) and Company’s phone number.  
    • The letter also needs to list the participant’s full name, a brief description of job, wage amount, actual work days including start/end times, and the title and name of the person responsible for the participant’s employment.  
    • A work inclusion zone will be established in regards to the worker’s job site, and monitored to ensure that the worker is arriving and departing from work in accordance with the schedule that has been set up. 
  • Per diem rate changes: 
    • ​Program participants will be required to pay a $140.00 non-refundable initial processing fee which will be applied towards the cost of the first 10 days of the program, and $14.00 per day on a weekly pre-payment schedule.  
    • If Alcohol Monitoring Unit is ordered by the Court, the initial fee is $175.00 and daily fee is $17.50 per day.  
    • The next payment needs to be made within seven days, and participants must continue to pay in advance.  Once on tether, failure to make pre-payments will result in termination from the program.  
    • These amounts represent fees for the most frequently used monitoring devices within the Work Release Program.  If other devices are utilized, program participants will be advised of the cost prior to placement into the program.
  • Participants of the Sheriff’s WRTP shall strictly follow all restrictions regarding their time and location and shall not engage in any illegal activity during this incarceration period. 
  • All individuals sentenced to the WRTP shall not use or possess illegal drugs or consume alcohol while participating in the program.  Monitoring will be conducted by the Sheriff’s RESULTS Program at testing sites in Pontiac, Troy and in Southfield the first three Tuesdays of each month (for the Southfield location) at the participant’s own expense.  If an alcohol monitoring device is utilized within the program, the participant must comply with the rules provided by the monitoring service agency.  Any failure to test, or positive urinalysis or breathalyzer test, will result in termination from the WRTP and return to the Oakland County Jail to serve the remaining days of the sentence.

For additional information, or questions, contact the WRTP at 248-858-2464.