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Corrective/Court Services Division Commanding Officer: Major Charles Snarey

The Corrective Services Division of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the supervision and oversight of approximately 1,300 of the 1,700 inmates in the corrections system. S​​ecurity ranges from maximum security to low-level offenders. This Division is responsible for all Main Jail operations as well as booking, visitation of inmates, and food services.

The goal of the Division is to maintain order and discipline, promoting safety and security within the facility, thus providing for the security and safety for the citizens of Oakland County.

In 2013, the Corrective Services Division admitted close to 20,000 prisoners. This is a challenge for the personnel of the Division considering there is a consistent jail overcrowding issue. The deputies and command do a phenomenal job of adjusting to the inmate overcrowding and creating ways to keep the system moving and secure.

This Division also does an excellent job of educating the public on the inner-workings and environment of the jail. Because of the consistent jail overcrowding issue, however, jail tours have decreased over the past few years. Some of the tours conducted were part of a juvenile court mandated program called J.O.L.T. and others were conducted as part of the Oakland County's Sheriff's Office partnership with Oakland County Youth Assistance, the U-Turn Program.
The additions and upgrades in the Corrective Services Division are credited to the personnel of the Division who consistently strive to maintain a secure, disciplined atmosphere in the Oakland County Jail.​

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Information about bond posting can be found on the Inmate Information pageAdditional questions can be e-mailed to: PrisonerInfo@oakgov.com.

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