Motor Vehicles

Here are some common sense rules that motorists should follow under certain conditions. You must rely on your judgment and assessment of the situation to tell you what you should do.

Remember to keep your vehicle locked at all times, whether moving or parked. If you are driving at night, use well-lighted streets and parking lots that are open to easy observation.

Be cautious of any stranger approaching your vehicle. If you feel that you are in danger, press the horn repeatedly in short blasts; this will attract attention. If you think you are being followed, pull into the nearest gas station or safe place.

Do not drive home.

You will only be advertising to your follower where you live. It is advisable to plan and study your route before you leave, whether it is for a short drive in the city or a longer trip into the country. Do not pick up hitch-hikers. This may seem overcautious and an unfair stereotyping of hitchhikers, however, you do not know who you are giving a ride to. You could be needlessly jeopardizing your safety and well-being.

Should your vehicle break down in an isolated area there are certain steps you should follow, particularly at night:

  • Pull your vehicle off the road so you will be out of the traffic.
  • Turn on the emergency (4 way) flashers.
  • Raise the hood of the vehicle if you can.
  • If you have a bright colored cloth (scarf, handkerchief etc) tie it to your radio aerial.
  • Stay in your car with all doors locked and windows rolled up.
  • Wait for help to come to you -- a patrolling police car, or another motorist.
  • Should a passing motorist stop, stay in your car and ask him/her to send help back to you. (You must use your judgment in the situation. If the motorist has his/her family in their car and offers you a ride to the nearest garage or town, only you can decide what is best for you under the circumstances.) Remember, a helpful or concerned motorist will be only too happy to assist by contacting the right party to help you.

When you go out:

  • Secure your home
  • Secure your wallet
  • Take care with your purse
  • Plan your route
  • Go with a friend