Operation Medicine Cabinet

Sheriff Michael Bouchard and civilians standing around an Operation Medicine Cabinet Sign clapping

Operation Medicine Cabinet™ illustrates our commitment to keeping all of our citizens safer, protecting our young people from the harmful misuse of prescription drugs, understanding the needs of seniors, and the environmental implications related to improper disposal of medications (flushing). The program has received overwhelming support from the community, other law enforcement agencies, environmental groups, senior and youth advocacy groups, the media, and the list goes on and on.

Operation Medicine Cabinet Interactive Map

Download a prescription drug abuse prevention toolkit.

You can now drop off any prescription drugs at any of the convenient drop off points with 'no questions asked'.

Thanks to our supporters Genisys Credit Union, the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities, and the Oakland County Health Division for partnering with us to provide this important community service.

We as law enforcement agents have been authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to provide this service. This program is NOT for commercial use.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is proud to sponsor Operation Medicine Cabinet™ (OMC).  OMC was launched at the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office in July of 2009.  It provides citizens a venue to properly dispose of their expired and/or unused prescriptions anonymously at several different locations around Oakland County.  Currently, there are thirty-seven OMC dro​p-off sites, including thirteen Sheriff’s Office locations and twenty-four additional law enforcement locations around Oakland County, including:

Dropoff Sites and Hours of Collections (Click on hyperlinks for maps/detailed contact information):

 Other Agencies Collection Sites and Hours

When residents come to an Operation Medicine Cabinet Prescription Medication Drop-Off site, a desk officer or Deputy will make a visual observation of the contents to determine if they are within program guidelines, which include:
  • Prescription drugs ONLY
  • No needles
  • All liquids must be tightly sealed.
  • All other drugs MUST be in sealed containers--NO LOOSE PILLS! (Zippered plastic bags are acceptable.)