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Sheriff Bouchard runs one of the nation's largest Sheriff's Offices, overseeing 1,400 employees and managing an annual budget of over $150 million dollars. Sheriff Bouchard brings the experience of 32 years of law enforcement and 32 years as an elected official to the position.

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The Office of Sheriff is created by the Michigan Constitution. As a constitutional officer, the Sheriff must operate a county jail, serve and execute all civil writs and process as well as criminal process that are issued pursuant to rule, and produce and maintain records as prescribed by law. In addition, the Sheriff operates a Marine Safety Program (with the Department of Natural Resources), provides contracted law enforcement services, and miscellaneous other duties.


The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the safety and protection of the citizens and businesses within our boundaries.  We are committed to the task of keeping our courts and correctional system secure and our service is built upon integrity, respect, vision, and leadership.


With courage, respect, and honor, we will perform our duties and protect Oakland County. Fairness will be applied in all situations with no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We value our families, relationships, and community partners who count on us to help them in times of need and defend them from danger. Through forward-thinking, value-driven leadership, we will foster positive change and promote growth and learning throughout our agency and in our community.​

h1COMMUNITY.jpg​The Sheriff's Office continues to be active in communities throughout Oakland County by offering several programs to assist those in need. Sheriff Bouchard is excited to announce several new programs this year, and the expansion of existing programs. Please take a moment to explore these programs below.


​​​The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is holding its 30th annual "Coats for the Cold" Coat Drive throughout Oakland County during the month of November, 2017, with partners Genisys Credit Union, AMP 98.7, Real Estate One,  COWS (Container on Wheels) Mobile Containers, the Oakland County Pet Adoption Center, and of Troy and Oak Park. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office will distribute the new, or clean, gently used coats to a number of area agencies, who distribute them to individuals in need free of charge.


The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you that the best course of action regarding an Active Shooter situation is to be prepared and have a response plan in place. The following video serves as an excellent reference and training tool to share with fa​mily, friends, and co-workers. ​


For additional information please review the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Active Shooter Response Guide, available HERE


In order to prepare yourself and loved ones in the event of an emergency please review the Emergency Handbook which provides detailed information on formulating your action plan when faced with a life threatening situation.  Available HERE


The Oakland County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with The Oakland County Department of Health & Human Services, are offering FREE portable cribs to provide a safe sleeping environment to infants throughout Oakland County. If you have any questions or you or someone you know is in need of a crib, please contact the Nurse on Call (N.O.C) at the Oakland County Health Division by calling 800-848-5533. 

The Cops-N-Cribs Program is proudly sponsored by the McLaren Foundation, The National Cribs For Kids Organization, and Genysis Credit Union


OMCmap.jpgOperation Medicine Cabinet™ Continues to Expand to 36 locations to safely dispose of prescription drugs.

Operation Medicine Cabinet ™, an outstanding prescription drug take back program which provides citizens a means to properly dispose of their expired and/or unused prescriptions NO QUESTIONS ASKED, now has thirty-three drop-off locations around Oakland County. To download a prescription drug abuse prevention toolkit, please click HERE.

Thanks to our supporters Genisys Credit Union, the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities, and the Oakland County Health Division for partnering with us to provide this important community service

Telephone S​olicitation Warning ​

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is a professional police organization that properly equips its deputies using funds from the County budget. The Sheriff's Office does not do any telephone soliciting of any kind, nor do we endorse the fundraising efforts of any organization claiming to be affiliated with the Sheriff’s Office.

If you receive a call from somebody claiming to represent the Oakland County Sheriff's Office in a fundraising effort, please make a note of any information that could be helpful in identifying them. This includes: 

  • Any Caller ID information
  • The date and time of the call
  • What name(s) they use to identify themselves
  • Any indication of their location
  • Any claims they make about representing police agencies
  • Please feel free to notify us with any information if you are contacted by a solicitor who claims to represent the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.​​


/podcast/assets/images/icon.gifAvoiding Home Improvement Scams - Each Spring scam artists prey on unsuspecting home owners sometimes costing them thousands of dollars. Sheriff Bouchard tells us how we can avoid becoming a victim of home improvement scams. (podcast)

/podcast/assets/images/icon.gif  Protecting Your Child Against Internet Crimes - Oakland Co​unty Sheriff Michael Bouchard talks about internet safety and how to protect your children against online predators. (podcast)​

/podcast/assets/images/icon.gif  Help Keep Young Drivers Safe  - Sheriff Michael Bouchard talks about the STOPPED Program and how parents can get involved in this parental notification program to promote safe driving. (podcast)

/podcast/assets/images/icon.gif  Senior Safety - Listen as Sheriff Bouchard talks about ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a scam victim. (podcast)



The mission of the PAL Program is to create a safe environment and a structure within which law enforcement will support and inspire young people to reach their full potential, utilizing athletics and other programs geared to improving the lives of participants.  Such programs promote self-confidence, self-esteem, civic engagement, academic achievement, and help create and form better members of society.  Click the image to visit the site for more information!


It is always a good idea to research registered sex offenders that may be residing within your community or neighborhood​. Sheriff Bouchard recommends​ a monthly check of the Michigan Sex Offender Registry to keep up to date with who may be moving in and out of your community. ​This tool is especially helpful to parents and children that plan on trick-or-treating this Halloween.​​​


(Help Eliminate Auto Theft) is Michigan's statewide auto theft prevention program that coordinates citizen action with law enforcement agencies through a confidential toll-free tip line for reporting information on stolen vehicles, chop shops, and suspected auto theft activities including insurance fraud, identity theft and carjackings.  Call 1-800-242-HEAT 24 hours a day to report auto theft! 

Fallen_Heroes_Logo_1.pngThe Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial honors both police officers and firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty from across the State of Michigan. It is located in Pontiac, Michigan, on Oakland County’s campus. Consider visiting this special, sacred place, where you may reflect, pay respect to, and honor the memory of Michigan’s Fallen Heroes. 

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office Cadet Unit is comprised of aspiring young adults ranging in age from 14 and in high school up to 20 years old. Sheriff Cadets are taught the fundamentals of law enforcement and experience hands-on training from some of the very best instructors in the field.  Currently accepting applications for Sheriff Cadet I (unpaid ) - Closing 12/22/17

The  RESULTS Program - The Oakland County Sheriff's Office is now providing professional and courteous drug and alcohol testing and the most accurate and reliable test results to our clients, agents, courts, and the general public.  Parents, referring agents and court-ordered clients are all eligible for quick, accurate, convenient RESULTS!

Protecting Yourself from Law Enforcement Impersonators -   Sheriff Bouchard is warning citizens to beware of con artists trying to pose as a law enforcement official to gain access to personal information and property.​

Winter Driving Survival Kit

​It’s a good idea to keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle if you might be traveling into an area where you could encounter snow. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your passengers. The following items are recommended for your winter driving survival kit:


  • Ice scraper/snowbrush
  • Shovel
  • Sand or other type of traction aid
  • Tow rope or chain
  • Booster cables
  • Road flares or warning lights
  • Gas line antifreeze
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • First aid kit​
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Small tool kit
  • Extra clothing and foot wear
  • Non-perishable energy foods, like chocolate or granola bars, juice, instant coffee, tea, soup, and bottled water
  • Candles and a small tin can to hold the candle
  • Waterproof matches

Distracted Driving Safety Tips​

  • Fully focus on driving. Do not let anything divert your attention, actively scan the road, use your mirrors and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Store loose gear, possessions and other distractions that could roll around in the car, so you do not feel tempted to reach for them on the floor or the seat.
  • Make adjustments before your get underway. Address vehicle systems like your GPS, seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems before hitting the road. Decide on your route and check traffic conditions ahead of time.
  • Finish dressing and personal grooming at home – before you get on the road.
  • Snack smart. If possible, eat meals or snacks before or after your trip, not while driving. On the road, avoid messy foods that can be difficult to manage.
  • Secure children and pets before getting underway. If they need your attention, pull off the road safely to care for them. Reaching into the backseat can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Put aside your electronic distractions. Don’t use cell phones while driving – handheld or hands-free – except in absolute emergencies. Never use text messaging, email functions, video games or the internet with a wireless device, including those built into the​ vehicle, while driving.
  • If you have passengers, enlist their help so you can focus safely on driving.
  • If another activity demands your attention, instead of trying to attempt it while driving, pull off the road and stop your vehicle in a safe place. To avoid temptation, power down or stow devices before heading out.
  • ​As a general rule, if you cannot devote your full attention to driving because of some other activity, it’s a distraction. Take care of it before or after your trip, not while behind the wheel.


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