America Saves Program

August 13, 2015 - Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved by resolution, the America Saves Program cooperative contract be extended until June 30, 2018. The County has extended the contract till December 31, 2018 or until the new contract with Office Depot is in place. The Contract amendment language is available below in Amendment 11, dated 06/21-2018. Please contact Scott Guzzy with questions.

Oakland County recognizes the benefits and savings that extended purchasing programs can offer to counties, cities, villages and townships. An RFP was issued in February of 2011 electronically via the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) site. The RFP was evaluated by the County and additional members of the MITN group.  OfficeMax was chosen for the award.  Therefore, the County is extending its Office Supply Contract with OfficeMax to all governmental agencies that wish to participate.

Participants may purchase products on the same terms, covenants, conditions, and pricing as Oakland County, subject to any applicable laws, regulations and ordinances of the State of Purchase.

For more detailed information on Rebate Incentives, Spending and Tracking features, Online Dashboard, and other benefits of how this program could be of value to your institution, check out the 2016 America Saves Program Overview.

003557 America Saves Cooperative Agreement
Bidding Procedures For Oakland County

The County agrees that any other governmental entity that elects to purchase under the Agreement between the County and the Contractor may do so without objection by the County.

In an effort to clarify the original America Saves agreement, the County and the Contractor understand and support that any Participating agency that piggybacks onto this contract may need customer specific products and customer specific core pricing. For example, if a client has a specific need for “green or recycled” products. This agreement will allow for that participating agency to work with the Contractor to load those items or any others onto a customer specific core list.

Further it is understood that any Participating agency may request  to modify specific terms to meet their requirements. For example, if the Contractor and the Participating agency agree that the Contractor will pay the agency rebates even though some invoices have been paid beyond terms, Oakland County understands and agrees to allow specific agencies to modify specific terms with the Contractor.

Contact Person: Scott Guzzy
Purchasing Administrator
Phone: 248-858-5484