Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN)
Oakland County, MichiganPurchasingMichigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN)

Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN)

Oakland County has joined MITN - 
Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network!

MITN, is a group of agencies that joined forces to create a Regional bid notification system that notifies companies of new bid opportunities available.

Companies not only have access to Oakland County's bid solicitations but now have access to all MITN participating agencies bid information from this website.  This system provides instant access to all of our Bids, RFP's, Quotes, Addendums, and Awards online. 

Vendors may register to access bids, quotes, addendums & award information by clicking the MITN Vendor Registration link

If you need assistance when registering, please contact Bidnet.  Bidnet provides all technical and customer support for the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network system and will be happy to assist you anytime.

We look forward to providing our vendors with more bid information, less paperwork, and an easier method of doing business with us.  We are excited about participating in this new system and look forward to your participation. 

For more information please click on the left side Navigation menu, and choose Frequently Asked Questions or visit the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) website at www.mitn.info