Cooperative Purchasing Program

Oakland County Purchasing has developed an inter-governmental Cooperative Purchasing Program for the procurement of goods and/or services.

This program is at no cost to the procurement participants or the suppliers. The purpose of this program is to obtain an overall lower cost for all participants by combining volumes, increasing purchasing power, and realizing efficiencies.

After a registered supplier is awarded a contract through the bid process, they may join the Cooperative Purchasing program by simply filling out a Current Contract Holder Opt In form and emailing it to Purchasing. Oakland County requires that the awarded suppliers will authorize their contract availability on the Cooperative program website. Once signed, suppliers agree to supply the goods and/or services at the established County contract pricing to other Government entities.

All purchasing requests by government entities will be conducted between that entity and the awarded contract holder; purchase orders should be submitted and invoiced directly. Payments will be remitted by the ordering government entity on a direct and individual basis with the contracted supplier, in accordance with the contract pricing and terms.

If you have any questions regarding the Cooperative Purchasing program, please feel free to email -


Due to ongoing website updates, we request that you use the "Request Supplier Documents" button (located next to each contract) or go directly to the Contact Us page to request any contract related documents.  Upon completion of website updates, the contract documents will be available to download directly, however in the interum, please use the Contact Us form to request these documents.