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Commission to Address Gun Violence

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​Committed to addressing gun violence in Oakland County.

Prosecutor McDonald formed the Commission to Address Gun Violence in Oakland County in September 2022 after Oakland County experienced an increase in gun violence and death, including the shooting at Oxford High School. Information on how to prevent gun violence and mass shootings is extensive, however, a comprehensive approach that truly works to prevent such violence has yet to be implemented. 

The Commission has been asked to develop a data-driven approach to combating gun violence in Oakland County and beyond. Composed of key community stakeholders, experts, and individuals who have been impacted by gun violence, the Commission will scrutinize the threat assessment model in Oakland County, analyze and provide recommendations on both hard and soft components of gun violence, and work to develop a model for training kids and adults to recognize individuals in crisis and ways to take meaningful action to prevent violence.

To volunteer or support this work, please contact prosecutor@oakgov.com.

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