Oakland County, Michigan/Prosecutor/Prosecutor's Corner

​The Oakland County Child Killings

In 1976 and 1977, four (4) pre-teen children were abducted and murdered over a thirteen-month period.  They were:

​Mark Stebbins

Age 12, last seen in Ferndale on February 15, 1976.
His body was found in Southfield on February 19, 1976.

​Kristin Mihelich

Age 10, last seen in Berkley on January 2, 1977. Her body was found in Franklin Village on January 21, 1977.

​Jill Robinson

Age 12, last seen in Royal Oak on December 22, 1976. Her body was found in Troy on December 26, 1976.

​Timothy King

Age 11, last seen in Birmingham on March 16, 1977.
His body was found in Livonia on March 22, 1977.

​Over the next thirty-six (36) years, police agencies received over 20,000 tips and generated well over 500,000 pages of documents.  But the murders were never solved.  During this time, dozens of chiefs of police led thousands of police officers in Oakland County’s cities, townships and villages.  Four (4) Oakland County Prosecutors also served in office during this time: L. Brooks Patterson until 1988; Richard Thompson until 1996; David Gorcyca until 2008; and Jessica Cooper since 2009.

Throughout those years, many conspiracy theorists surfaced, spinning false leads and misinformation into wild speculative theories - some of which sounded cogent until it is was determined that facts were taken out of context and woven into disjointed and unsupported fictions.

So the cases remain open today.  But now, there is a renewed and intense investigation being conducted by an expanded Task Force that was first created in 1977.

The following are questions and answers that may clear up some of the misconceptions that continue to surface and circulate about these homicides.