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Prosecutor's Foundation for Kids

Thank you to all of the prosecutors and staff who helped make Christmas Day at the Children’s Village one of the most joyous for the children of Building H.

Building H is a holding facility for children who are removed from their home environment when parents, caregivers or grandparents are charged with abuse and/or neglect. These children were simply born into the wrong environment. They have done nothing wrong and yet they find themselves away from what is familiar to them and awaiting word of where they will be placed. Some of these children came with just the clothes on their back.

Last year, as the cost of admission, I asked all of the prosecutors and staff who came to our holiday lunch to purchase something for these kids. I was overwhelmed by their generosity.

This year, individuals in our office and individuals at several law firms throughout the county formed a 15013C non-profit corporation called “The Prosecutor’s Foundation for Children” to expand the program.

Once again, the attorneys and staff bought backpacks, robes, radios, journals, clothing and toys for these children. For some children it would be the first time they had ever received anything new.

We, who spend so much time prosecuting the “bad guys,” had the opportunity to do something for the “good guys.” Assistant prosecutors and staff members alike lined up to sort and wrap presents on their breaks.

On Christmas morning, a caravan of cars arrived at Building H to share in the children’s delight as they ripped open giant bags filled with toys and, yes, basic essentials.

Over 750 children pass through Building H each year. There is a 30-day limit and some children will go home, and some children will go on to foster care. These children don’t know from one day to the next where they will be placed.
It was a bittersweet time because these children have so little and, while we could provide gifts for the Holiday, we will never be able to provide enough. There is a never ending flow of children in and out of the Village. What they also need, above all else, is love and attention and for these children; we can only hope that their next placement will be one that benefits that need.

Thank you once again,
Jessica R. Cooper
Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney