Major Crimes Section

Major Crimes Section

The Major Crimes Prosecution Section is a 'vertical prosecution' section that consists of the most experienced felony trial lawyers in the office. They prosecute homicides, as well as the most complex, difficult and time-consuming cases such as white collar crime, fraud, arson, armed robbery, bank robbery and other capital offenses.

'Vertical Prosecution' means that a single specialized Assistant Prosecutor will handle all phases of the prosecution of an individual case, from assisting in the warrant review to the presentation of the case in court. While this method of prosecution is not required in the vast majority of the 20,000 cases this office processes in a year, it is critical in the most complicated and time consuming cases or in cases requiring a specialized training in a particular area of the law or in the handling of witnesses with special problems or needs.

‚ÄčChief of Circuit Court:
John Skrzynski

Main Line: 248-858-0656

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