Juvenile Justice Division
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Juvenile Justice Division

The Juvenile Justice Division handles child protection and delinquency matters before the ten (10) Circuit Court Judges and eight (8) Referees of the Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division. When a minor commits a crime, assistant prosecutors in this division work with law enforcement to determine if a delinquency petition should be drafted and, if appropriate, draft the complaint and represent the Prosecutor at the delinquency proceedings.

In child protection matters, the division provides legal counsel to the Department of Human Services (DHS) at all stages of child protective proceedings. These proceedings protect both children and families from abuse and neglect.

The Juvenile Justice Division also assists Oakland Schools with truancy and educational neglect matters that require formal court intervention.
‚ÄčChief of Juvenile Justice:
Tricia Dare

Main Line: 248-858-0656

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