‚ÄčWe are always in need of rescues to partner with us, so we can help more animals. Rescue partners must be 501c3 registered, and provide proof along with a list of authorized members prior to the release of the pet.

The pets will all be spayed or neutered, given age appropriate shots, tested (HW, FeLeuk), de-wormed, and microchipped before they leave here.  Dogs will be licensed. We will provide the paperwork for you to give to your adopter.

We ask that you help us by taking pets that have been here the longest.

Rescue fees:  
Cats - Free
Dogs - $27.50 
Some pets will be free due to length of time here or chronic medical issues.

Wish to Remain Anonymous

Every rescue operates differently, and some prefer to use their own resources and networking to find potential fosters/adopters. The Oakland County Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center respects their right to privacy, and will not share information, at the rescue's request.

Discounted Rates

Rescues are often run voluntarily by private citizens, and some of the animals taken have medical or other issues. We are grateful for the help our rescue network provides in assisting our animals. Because of this, animals are available to rescues at a discounted rate. All animals are spay/neutered, up to date on vaccines and licensed (dogs).