Once you’re sure that the animal is a good fit for your family and lifestyle, you can fill out the paperwork and take the pet home the same day (if it is spayed/neutered and fully vetted). If the animal you want has not been “fixed” yet, we will schedule the surgery once you fill out the adoption paperwork and you can pick it up the day after the procedure.

Please bring a drivers license or state I.D., as they are required to complete the adoption process.

In order to make sure the pet fits into your household we will do a trial period so your new pet has a chance to adjust to your home.  A dog or cat may be returned within that 30 day trial period, for a full refund. Please be aware that refunds are not immediate; Oakland County will mail you a refund check. This process can take up to 4 weeks.

As long as the pet that you are returning is healthy and its temperament is fine, it will go back up for adoption. Please provide us information about the reason you are returning the animal! We will include this information in its profile and that will help us find a suitable home for the animal in the future.

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