Kennel Information

Oakland County Animal control inspects all kennels within Oakland County. Contact our office for more information.

​What is a Kennel?

Please be aware that there is a difference between a “hobby kennel” (having many of your own personal dogs) versus a “commercial kennel” (operating a kennel for commercially boarding, breeding or training dogs for money). If you are operating a commercial kennel you must have a kennel license as required by Michigan state law. The process of obtaining a kennel license involves initial inspection from Oakland County Animal Control. For more information see the State of Michigan legal definition of a kennel.

What are the Regulations for a Dog Kennel License?

Check with your local municipality first. They will inform you of their specific ordinances and regulations and determine if you have enough land/property to obtain a kennel license.

  • Receive zoning approval from the municipality where you live.
  • Take proof of your local municipality’s approval to operate a kennel AND the inspection form to Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center - see Contact Info for location information.
  • Fees