About Our Facility

Since 1980, the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center has been helping animals by providing shelter and care while at the same time attempting to reunite them with their owners or to find new, loving homes.  We handle over 4,000 animals per year.  Our new state of the art shelter is located at 1200 North Telegraph, Building 42 East, in the city of Pontiac on the Oakland County Government campus.  The shelter is 35,000 square feet and provides the very best in industry standards to the animals residing here.

Some features of the new shelter are….

  • Industry standard sized kennels.  Providing animals with a larger area for their kennel aids in the well-being and over-all health of the animals.
  • State of the art ventilation system.  By exchanging the air within the shelter more frequently, we provide a healthier environment with less odor.  Air in the kennel is exchanged 15x/hour.
  • Natural light throughout the shelter.  Natural light provides a better environment that helps to keep our animals healthy and happy.
  • Expanded, state of the art medical unit.  Our new medical unit allows us to provide for both the basic as well as most emergency care needed for our furry friends.
  • Separate areas to house dogs and cats.  Housing these two species apart contributes to their health and well-being.

Other features include….

  • Outdoor kennels.
  • Visitation rooms.
  • Community room for events/meetings.
  • Walking path.
  • Friendly, clean environment.


  • Adoption
  • Volunteer
  • Foster
  • Fitness Unleashed
  • Educational/Civic Originations
  • Reading to the Animals

 We invite anyone who is interested in adopting a loving pet or that may be curious about what we do or how we do it to come visit.  We would be HAPPY to show you around!