​We do look for families to foster pets that need special training, health care or are too young.  Our busiest time is in the summer, when we get many kittens in that need foster homes to care for them until they are able to be vetted for adoption (usually around 8 weeks old). Once they have their vaccines and are spay/neutered, we put them up for adoption.  If you find a home for the pet that is OK, but the new owners will still need to pay the adoption fee. 

For more information regarding fostering please review our frequently asked questions below:


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What is fostering?,

Foster "parents" are volunteers who take pets into their homes and care for them until they are ready for adoption.  It's a great way to volunteer from home.

Why do you need foster homes?,

In the spring and summer, numerous litters of kitten are born in a short period of time.  We like to put them into foster homes and bring them back in over a period of time so we can properly prepare them for adoption. While some volunteers end up adopting their foster pets, please note that the foster program is not for people who want to "try out" an animal prior to adoption.  It is intended to provide one-on-one attention in a home environment for animals, in order to best prepare them for adoption.

What would I be expected to do as a foster parent?,

We wish you to provide a clean nurturing, indoor home for the pet, pending adoption. Bring the animal to our veterinarian for vaccinations and other routine treatment.  Give medication as needed.  We teach the inexperienced!  Bring the foster back to us when it is ready to be adopted. For kittens, this is typically 8 weeks of age. We will give it age appropriate vaccines and spay or neuter so it is ready for adoption.

Can I handle them?,

Absolutely!  Socialization of kittens is important, that is what attracts a potential family to a pet. Playing, holding and cuddling is key to help the pet to learn to enjoy being around people. 

Would I be responsible for finding the animal a permanent home?,

No.  We will do the adoptions here, when the pet comes back to us.

Can I, or a friend, adopt it?,

Yes, we would ask that you go through the adoption process we have established here.

What if I need to go out of town?,

We will work with you on providing temporary housing for your foster animal(s) while you are away.

What if I already have pets of my own?,

Yes, you may foster animals if you have companion animals of your own. All companion animals must be up to date on vaccines prior to fostering. Foster animals will need to stay separated from your animals to reduce the risk of disease transmission. We provide medication and veterinary care for foster animals, but not for your own animals should they become ill.

How long would I keep the animal?,

There are many variables when fostering, but in general we ask for a 3-5 week commitment.  If you are only willing or able to foster for only a couple of weeks, this program probably isn’t for you. We understand that circumstances can change and you can return an animal at any time if it becomes necessary.

Would I be responsible for my foster animal's vet expenses?,

No. We will provide veterinary care and medications, as approved by our veterinarian.

Would I be responsible for my foster animal’s food and litter?,

We can provide food, litter and carriers if needed.

How do I become a foster "parent"?,

You can apply to be a foster "parent" by filling out the Volunteer/Foster Application and Waiver and Release Form in our Foster Manual on our web site.


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