Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center

Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center

Click here to purchase your Dog License today! Need to fax your rabies vaccination certificate, (248) 391-9266 or e-mail petadoption@oakgov.com or snail mail to 1700 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI  48326


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Shelter Adopts Best Practice for Housing Cats

Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center will operate as an open admission shelter for cats based on available capacity starting January 2, 2015. That means we will not accept cats when we do not have room to house them. After consulting with veterinary staff and other experts in animal shelter operations, we will implement the industry’s best practices.  By limiting the number of cats we house, we will be able to offer the very best care to our existing cat population.  Therefore, we urge resid​​ents to call the shelter at (248) 391-4100 to determine availability for their animal before coming here.  If we are at capacity and your cat is adoptable, we will place your name on a list and call you when we have room. We will also supply you with numbers to local rescue organizations that may be able to provide immediate help.   The Animal Relinquish Information form will be required for each cat brought to the shelter.


Welcome to the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center! 

The mission of the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center is to protect public safety through the enforcement of applicable state laws, to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, and to provide a humane haven for animals in our care and, where possible, to endeavor to reunite pets with their owners and to promote responsible pet placement.  The primary beneficiaries of these services will be the citizens and animals of Oakland County.  We achieve our mission by:
  • Ensuring animals are properly licensed, vaccinated for rabies and have adequate food, water and shelter.
  • Investigating instances of animal abuse, dogs and livestock at large and animal bites and by taking appropriate enforcement actions as authorized by law.
  • Educating the public through the hosting of events and creation of written material that supports responsible pet ownership and animal and public safety.
  • Providing basic or necessary veterinarian services for animals in our care.
Are you looking for a furry family member?  There are many adorable dogs and cats at the shelter waiting for their forever homes!  Please visit the pet adoption center and you might just find your new best friend!
You can also visit one of our Adoption Outreach Centers.  We now have 9 Outreach Centers.  You can also check out our PetFinder page to see all of the animals we have available for adoption. 

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