How to Become a Volunteer
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How to Become a Volunteer

Dear Potential Volunteer,
Your role is one of great importance, not only to our staff but to our shelter animals as well.  The information listed below will take you through the necessary steps to become a volunteer. 
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OCAS & PAC.

Step 1: Volunteer Positions & Application

Review the positions listed on theVolunteer Application to see what best fits your desire to volunteer. Please keep in mind that some positions are scheduled ones. 

Step 2: Submit Application

Applications can be turned in at our facility or uploaded and e-mailed to:

Step 3: Contact made to schedule orientation

A phone call and/or email will be made to schedule your orientation. 

Step 4: Review all forms prior to attending your scheduled orientation

Please take a moment to review the Volunteer Waiver Packet. Each volunteer will receive these forms at your scheduled orientation; they will need to be signed and turned in at the end of your orientation.

Step 5: Attend your scheduled orientation date

If you have a scheduled orientation and need to reschedule, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at and/or 248.858.1847

Step 6: Obtain your volunteer badge and start volunteering!

A badge request form and map is given to each potential volunteer at the end of the scheduled orientation. Once you have obtained your volunteer badge, you may begin volunteering!

If you have any questions prior to applying, or prior to attending your scheduled orientation, please do not hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator at: and/or 248.858-1847.

Other ways you can help:

Donate to the Center
Foster an Animal


To view our upcoming volunteer orientation training dates, click here