Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center News
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Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center News

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Animal Loving Man Killed by Newly Adopted Dog
A central Tennessee man was attacked and killed by a Rottweiler dog, just hours after adopting it from the county pound....... Read More

Police Seek Suspect Who Beat Five Cats to Death in Hazel Park
Hazel Park police are working to identify someone who beat five cats to death in one neighborhood...... Read More

Dog Revived After Pontiac Basement Fire
Fire crews first saved and then revived a dog that had collapsed from smoke inhalation Monday in Pontiac......Read More

App Uses Facial Recognition to Find Lost Dogs
The Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center is now using the Finding Rover App, a facial-recognition technology that helps identify lost dogs.......Read More

Police: Owner Had Released Dogs Hit by Car in Clinton County
The owner of three dogs found dead last week on a rural road released them into the wild because he could no longer keep them at this home....... Read More

Farmington Hills Hires Goat to Chomp Grass
Farmington Hills City Hall is set to hire a new worker: a weed eating goat..... Read More

Crossbow Case: Can an Owner Euthanize His Own Dog?
Gemma's owner, who admitted shooting the dog with a crossbow in an attempt to euthanize her after she attacked another dog....Read More

26 Kittens Left in Box at Michigan Humane Society
The 26 kittens left in a chicken wire-wrapped box at the Michigan Humane Society's Rochester Hills center symbolize an ongoing issue often emerging this time of year......Read More

Horse Killed by Unknown "Large Animal" in Thumb
A 1,200 pound adult horse is dead, and the "large animal" that bit and killed it hasn't been identified.... Read More

Vets: Take Precautions to Prevent Dog Flu
Veterinarians are telling pet owners concerned about dog flu to take steps to protect their pets, but not to panic... Read More

Charges Expected for Lapeer County Man Who Admitted to Shooting Dog with Crossbow
A Lapeer County man is expected to be arraigned on felony animal cruelty charges....Read More

Bills Would Require Background Screening Before Pet Adoptions
People who want to adopt pets through animal shelters would be subject to background checks under a pair of anti-abuse bills approved nearly unanimously in committee Tuesday...... Read More

Mouse Killer in Viral Oak Park Taser Video Faces Charges
A man who recorded and shared video of himself tasing a mouse to death last week in Oak Park.....Read More

Cat Alerts Commerce Family About Fire
A Commerce Township woman credits her cat for alerting her to a house fire.....Read More

Pet Supplies Plus Along with VIP PetCare Offers Veterinary Clinics
VIP PetCare Community Veterinary Clinic offering: low cost vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, and other preventative veterinary services including canine Rabies vaccines and $10.00 micro-chipping. For a complete list of participating Pet Supplies Plus stores, go to .......Read More

Did Coyote Pack Attack a Police Horse?
Kallie Meyers says a pack of coyotes came into her yard in broad daylight and attacked one of her horses...Read More

Dog Bite Prevention Seminar Held for Waterford Students
Dogs are cute and appear friendly, and children often love them.........Read More

Dog Catcher Saves Life of Pooch After House Fire
Sometimes a dog's best friend is the dog catcher. Just ask Valentino, a pooch who was rescued out of a burning home.....Read More
Add Some Bite to Dog Control Laws
Michigan lawmakers should do more to prevent vicious dogs from attacking victims....Read More
White Lake Family's Dog Killed by Neighbor's Friend
White Lake Township residents have gathered around Lorenzen after her German shepherd, Duke, was beaten with a baseball bat...Read More 
'Puppy mills,' Pet Adoption and Euthanasia Discussed in Michigan Senate
Large-scale commercial dog breeding kennels would be regulated and limited by the state in a bill...Read More
Dog Rescue Group Upset After Adoption Event Canceled At Franklin Cider Mill
The founders and volunteers for Detroit Dog Rescue are expressing frustration...Read More
Commission Passes Brooks' 3 Year Budget; Officials Site Teamwork Across Aisle
As Oakland County officials passed Executive L. Brooks Patterson's 3 year budget this week, $200,000 was included to support buying local...Read More
Animal Care Network Volunteers in Need of Food Donations
Volunteers with the Animal Care Network are in desperate need of food donations...Read More
Royal Oak Police Shoot Pit Bulls That Killed Rat Terrier
Police say they had to shoot two pit bulls that got loose and attacked a rat terrier...Read More
Toddler Hospitalized After Dog Severely Bites Her Face in Southfield
A 3-year-old girl is hospitalized after she was severely bitten in the face by a boxer-mix dog in Southfield...Read More
Listen to an Interview with WWJ and Joanie Toole of the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center
Joanie Toole explains some of the responsibilities that go along with owning a pet...Listen
New Countywide Tax Eyed to Replace Genesee County Animal Control
There's no arguing that the smell inside the County Animal Control Department Shelter can be overwhelming and nauseating...Read More
Girl Bitten By Rattlesnake at Stony Creek Metro Park Could Leave Hospital Today
A 13-year-old girl won't soon forget her ordeal at Stony Creek Metro Park...Read More
Severely Injured Dog Found Outside Oakland County Animal Shelter
A badly injured, senior dog used for dog fighting was found outside of an Oakland County Animal Shelter on Friday...Read More
Oakland County Passes Surprise State Inspection
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development gave Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center a thumbs up today during a surprise inspection...Oakland County Animal Control Passes Surprise State Inspection.pdfOakland County Animal Control Passes Surprise State Inspection.pdf
Animal Abusers Let Off the Hook
A recent bill that would require animal shelters in Michigan to perform background checks on potential adoptive caregivers has been rejected on the basis of funding and other concerns... Read More
Gang of Feral Cats Attacks Woman and Her Dog in France
One more reason to love dogs: a gang of feral cats in France attacked a woman and her poodle, forcing both victims to seek medical attention for their injuries... Read More
Genesee County Animal Control Director Resigns, Commissioners Appoint Familiar Face
Genesee County commissioners have accepted the resignation of the embattled head of the Genesee County Animal Control Department, Walt  Rodabaugh... Read More
Animal Control Officers Protect, Serve Animals for Oakland County- Guest Opinion
The fourteen full- and part-time officers who work for the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Division are the last line of defense to protect nature's most vulnerable and gentlest creatures... Read More
Oakland County Commissioner Wants Air Conditioning Improved at Animal Control in Auburn Hills
When temperatures rise, the animals suffer at the Oakland County Animal Control/Pet Adoption Center located at 1700 Brown Road... Read More
Animal Advocates Criticize Kill Rate at Oakland County Animal Control Shelter
Mahatma Ghandi said you can judge a civilization by how it treats its animals... Read More
Genesee Animal Chief says New, No-Kill Policy Means No Room For More Cats at The Shelter
The county's Animal Control chief officer is shutting the shelter's doors to stray and unwanted kittens and cats, saying the shelter is over capacity and can't euthanize felines to make room for more because of a new, no-kill policy... Read More
Ferndale Businessman Starts a Fundraiser to Cool Oakland County Animal Control
The recent heat wave in southeastern Michigan hits the animals hard at the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center... Read More
Dog Census Citation For Deceased Dog Irks Waterford Woman
Eve R. Pickman returned to her Waterford Township home recently to find a citation issued from the Oakland County Animal Control... Read More

Group Urges Oakland County to Adopt No Kill Animal Shelter Policies
People advocating that the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center transition to a no-kill shelter... Read More
3 People Recovering After Being Bit By Pit Bull in Waterford
Waterford Police responded to the 400 block of Hickory for a dog attack... Read More

Hillsdale Humane Society Dogs Find New Home in Oakland County
The Hillsdale Humane Society recently issued a public request for adoption assistance... Read More
Royal Oak Animal Rescue Celebrating Grand Opening 
Back in November 2010, a group of animal lovers banded together to start New Beginnings Animal Rescue... Read More
Waterford Township Leaves Pit Bull Ban in Place For Now
The Waterford Township board has decided to leave its 23-year-old Pit Bull ban ordinance alone for now... Read More
Dead Dog Discovered on Leash; Owner Charged
A Michigan man could face jail time after his dog was found Sunday choked to death on a leash wrapped around the legs of a table... Read More
Therapy Pet or Barnyard Animal? Fenton Family Fighting City over Pig
A pot bellied pig named Ellie is at the center of a dispute between a family who says he's a therapy pet... Read More
Reward Offered in Cruelty Case Involving Dog Stabbed in Eye
A $2,500 reward is being offered by the Michigan Humane Society cruelty investigation department... Read More
Royal Oak Commissioner's Resignation Puts End to Ethics Probe
Royal Oak officials dropped the ethics investigation into Pat Capello following her resignation. Read More

Unleash Fitness at the Oakland Pet Adoption Center
Walking a dog this spring is a great way to improve physical fitness. Read More
Pet Adoption Center Provides Alternative to Mistreatment of Pets
For a majority of pet owners, including myself, their cat, dog, rabbit, or hamster are treated like members of the family. We sleep and cuddle with them, celebrate birthdays and go for car rides “just because.” Read More
New Animal Control Manager Strives for Excellence
​As the new manager of the Oakland County Pet Adoption Center and Animal Control, I am eager to build upon the achievements of my predecessor. Read More
Gatt Named New Manager of Animal Control Division
​Robert Gatt will manage the largest public shelter in Oakland County. Read More