For Answers to Questions about Paying Current Taxes online

Review and/or print the complete instructions for using this application to pay your taxes online.
Read the Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to common questions about paying your taxes online.
Read the Troubleshooting Guide for information on error messages and system problems.

For Answers to Questions about Taxes, Tax Bills, Tax Amount Due, Credit Card Billing Disputes, etc.

All tax questions should be directed to the Treasurer's office of your city, village or township as listed on your Tax Bill. The main telephone numbers to the various city halls may be found on the Communities page of the Oakland County Web site. 
If you are still experiencing difficulty paying your taxes online, or you have a question that is not covered by one of these resources, please contact Customer Support.
Customer Support is available by telephone at 248-858-1982 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, except for County holidays.