From camping, golf, nature education, and outdoor adventures to special programs for scouts and individuals with disabilities, the Oakland County Parks are your places to recreate year-round. We can even get you from there to here with rental buses. Or let the unique Mobile Recreation program bring recreation right to your own backyard or neighborhood. ​

Family Grand Adventures await in Oakland County Parks


Oakland County Parks and Recreation has planned "Grand Adventures" for grandparents and parents to do with their children. Click to open the Grand Adventures guide book or visit Oakland County Parks and area senior centers for a paper copy. 

The booklet includes information on activities and events throughout the parks system. It enables the users to track their "grand" times, checking off parks as they visit
. Various parks and events will provide stickers and take photo frame pictures. 

The program will culminate in a special play
day on Grandparents Day, Sept. 9 from 1–4 p.m. at Waterford Oaks County Park. 

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