Hunting and Trapping

Oakland County Parks and Recreation offers annual archery deer hunting and biennial managed deer hunting opportunities in order to manage deer densities at ecologically-sustainable levels within the parks system. Beaver trapping is offered on an as-needed basis to prevent beaver damage to ecosystems and infrastructure. A managed Canada goose hunt was held in 2019 and may be offered again in the future.

Hunting FAQs

Hunter Safety ​Classes

Deer – Archery

Public deer archery hunting (with some limitations) is allowed at six Oakland County Parks. At Addison Oaks County Park, hunting is restricted to Addison Oaks-East and at Independence Oaks County Park it is restricted to Independence Oaks- North. Hunting rules are listed in the individual park archery maps below. Oakland County Parks and Recreation and Michigan Department of Natural Resources hunting rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Oakland County Parks are open for standard as well as extended archery seasons as part of the MDNR Urban Deer Management Zone. 

DNR Hunting Digests

Addison Oaks East A​rchery Map
Highland Oaks Archery Map
Independence Oaks North Archery Map
Lyon Oaks Archery Map
Orion Oaks Archery Map
Rose Oaks Archery Map

Please help Oakland County Parks and Recreation track the deer population by reporting the deer you take:

Deer Harvest Report Form​

Prevent the spread of oak wilt by not cutting or breaking branches or piercing bark on oak trees. This deadly disease, which is rapidly spreading through Oakland County, infects oaks through any wound on the tree, then spreads underground to adjacent trees. Consider not placing blinds in oak trees to avoid any chance of bark damage.

Deer – Managed Firearms Hunt

A lottery-based controlled deer hunt has historically been held biennially at Addison Oaks and Independence Oaks county parks. Firearm deer hunting within the parks system is permitted only during these hunts, as authorized by the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission. Interested hunters may enter the lottery using the application forms on the website during that hunting year. Addison Oaks and Independence Oaks are closed to the public on dates designated for controlled deer hunts. Dates are posted on the website in advance of the hunt.

Due to logistics concerns, including the bait ban in the Lower Peninsula, a managed hunt will not be offered in 2022.  Please revisit our website for new information about future managed hunt opportunities. 

Beaver Trapping

The need for recreational beaver trapping at select Oakland County Parks is determined by lake elevation data, number and location of active dams and lodges within park boundaries, hydrological requirements of rare park wetland communities and impacts of beaver activity on adjacent private parcels and built infrastructure. When a need for trapping is determined, an invitation lottery is initiated.

Beaver Trapping Rules

Beaver Information

Please contact Sarah Cook-Maylen, Chief - Parks and Recreation, with questions or concerns at 248-343-1353 or

Your help is important in keeping Oakland County Parks safe, clean and well maintained. Report park incidents, accidents or vandalism to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at 248-858-4950.